Lilly Chandelier 65

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Lilly is one of our chandeliers from our fleet of genuine 1920's restored brass chandeliers with beautiful carved features. Lilly is an Antique Brass 8 Arm Chandelier with a few custom touches crafted by us, like crystal cups and added crystals in the french pendeloque cut that has a higher light refraction quality. She is customised to be lightweight with crystal. For that special customer, she is one of the very special chandeliers that wants to bring old world chandeliers to their wedding or event. You can hire from our Antique Chandelier Collection, which has another matching 8 Arm Lilly Chandelier and matching 5 Arm Lilly chandeliers.


Width: 65 Centimetres
Height: 60 Centimetres


Gross Weight: 7.5 Kilograms 




8 Lights/Globes


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