Elegance Gold Chandelier 130

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The Perfect Wedding Chandelier, our Elegance Chandeliers are extremely popular with our Wedding couples and Brides. The Elegance Gold Chandelier 130 is two tiers of chandelier magic. Our high quality, delicate frame for the Gold Elegance Chandelier is a neutral gold colour, and has been described as a non-intrusive soft gold, that suits almost any colour scheme. This chandelier is a grander size than our Elegance 110. With unforgettable luxury, light your special day with romance and sophistication and choose a chandelier that will capture the significance of the occasion. It is our greatest love to see our Elegance Chandeliers sparkling together in clusters, sets or matched with other chandeliers from our Chandelier CollectionsIf you are interested in this chandelier, you will also note our Elegance Gold Chandelier 110 is the next size down available. You will find they match perfectly and can be styled together.


Width: 130 Centimetres
Height: 130 Centimetres


Gross Weight: 33.00 Kilograms 




24 Lights / Globes


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