Noir Black Chandelier 110

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This exquisite range of Black Chandeliers are the highest quality Luxury and Style mixed into a sensational statement piece. With full Lead Crystal in Black the impact these custom designed chandeliers create is something that will have your clients and quests in the utmost prestige. With inspiration drawn for European designs this chandelier is called "Noir", simply, the French word for Black. Named for it's simplicity, beauty and strength. This chandelier will give you the statement you have been looking for and create an event that everyone will remember. 

Put this Chandelier in a cluster around its larger sister chandelier the Nior Black Chandelier 150 or with multiples of this chandelier sparkling together.


Width: 110 Centimetres
Height: 110 Centimetres


Gross Weight: 25.00 Kilograms


18 Lights / Globes


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