Cinderella Chrome Chandelier 150

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One of our flagship chandeliers, this chandelier is a big deal. Featured for the NGV Gala, it is an impressive chandelier full with cascading crystal strands and large crystal almond drops. This will be the centrepiece to your exhibition, wedding or luxury gala dinner.

Here are some suggested venues where you might use this chandelier: Leonda by the Yarra, Myer Mural Hall, Luminare South Melbourne, Crown Melbourne (River Room, Palladium), Crown Metropol, Glasshouse Olympic Park, Lakeside Receptions, Stones of the Yarra Valley and private marquee weddings.

Dimensions: 150cm wide by 150cm high

Weight: 40 Kilograms

Colour: Chrome/Silver

Lights: 18 Lights/Globes