Your Exhibition can exude class and draw success with Crystal Chandeliers

As you probably know, an exhibition is a crucial opportunity for you to exhibit your work or products – be that art, antiques, home items, boats – to an audience of discerning buyers. These buyers might be the direct public, agents, speculators, or businesses.

The important thing that we all know is that behind the delicate and choice presentation, the gentile atmosphere and soft sell approach, the exhibition is indeed a marketplace. But, we know its different from a typical high street marketplace as many of the goods will be 'big ticket' purchases and many of the buyers will be discerning and looking to find things that no-one else has; they will be looking to find exclusive products – and many of them will be prepared to pay a lot for them.

However, if you are to attract the discerning and wealthy buyer your exhibition must exude a brand that attracts the more wealthy buyer and makes them feel at home, makes them feel comfortable, that makes them feel special and of course aspirational. This is what you are selling at these kind of exhibitions, you are not selling products you are selling a lifestyle, aspirational lifestyle. And when wealthy buyers believe your products will support their luxurious or at least aspirational lifestyle they will buy.

Create A Status Affirming, Buyer Friendly Environment at Your Exhibition with Chandeliers

It is therefore crucial that you create a consultative, discursive and thoughtful environment in which buyers can engage with sellers at their own pace, and where importantly, they are encouraged to hang around as these kind of sales do not happen quickly. If you are to make wealthy and aspirational buyers feel comfortable you need to surround them with class and make things easy, e.g wine, champagne, canopies. Create a status affirming environments that reminds the buyers that they are both discerning and wealthy and in a position to spend.

A great way to create an status affirming climate of class and wealth within your exhibition environment is to introduce chandeliers. Buyers will see the decadent chandeliers on their entrance and know immediately that they are in classy environment with discerning buyers and exquisite products. Buyer will see the chandeliers each time they pause for a breathe and they will help to sustain the tone and mood for 'big ticket' expenditure and help to build an environment where the wealthy and aspirational feel comfortable spending their money.