What is The Right Size and Style of Chandelier For Your Function?

Chandeliers are the perfect way to add a touch of class and elegance to your function be it a wedding, award ceremony or an end of year Christmas function. The presence of shimmering chandeliers helps to mark the occasion as a luxurious event and provide guests with a classic red carpet welcome. The chandeliers will let your guests know that they are about to enjoy an evening of elegance, class and maybe even a little touch of decadence. They are the signature pieces of high class functions.

While the guests walk in and take for granted how these beautiful chandeliers seem to effortlessly lift the atmosphere and bathe the room in A shower of shimmering light, behind the scenes there has been hours of planning in choosing the right style and size and chandelier that will work well at the function. Below, we have set out some general advice on how you as an event planner can choose the right size and style of chandelier to perfectly complement your event.

Style is everything

You need to pick a style that is going to complement your space – so have a good look at the space prior to choosing your chandeliers. This doesn't mean that the chandelier must match the style of the room's décor, for example a more bold and striking fixture that contradicts the tone of the room can create an attractive ambiance. You have many options, that is a more traditional candle chandelier, something more avant garde or something more rustic with a wrought iron look.

Size matters

Have some thought for the size of chandelier. It is important to be aware of the visual weight of the chandelier as while you want it to be a central fixture you don't want it to overwhelm the space, . One good way to select the size of chandelier is to base it on the size of the dining tables. Typically, a chandelier should have diameter that is half of the diameter of the dining table. This means that if your dining tables are 2 meters wide your chandelier should be no bigger than a meter wide.

As you can imagine there are no set rules for choosing a chandelier style and size that is right for your occasion, but you should ensure that choose a chandelier style and size that suits the spirit and ambiance of your function. You can browse through a range of different colours, styles and size of chandelier on this site.