Chandeliers Denote Celebration and Prestige

Arguably one of the most appealing lighting sources in the world are chandeliers, more than any other man made sources of light. With their shimmering elegance and attractive aesthetics it is no surprise that chandeliers regularly adorn the interiors of luxury hotels and resorts, fine dining restaurants and brasseries, up market corporate offices and even lobbies and dining areas of the homes of the rich and famous. They denote celebration, a sense of prestige and for many they convey a sense of having 'arrived'.

It may come as a surprise to the layman that chandeliers come in a range of shapes, sizes, materials, finishes and range in style from classic, to contemporary, to rustic and to avant-garde – and that they perfectly combine functionality and style to complement just about any setting. While most chandeliers that are used to today use electric bulbs and electric power candles to illuminate, you can still find older chandeliers on the market that use gaslight and wax candles.

But, what is the appeal of chandeliers to the rich, aristocratic and famous; why do they denote prestige and celebration? Chandeliers have historically always been associated with European Royalties and the aristocracy and in the earlier 20th century were made popular by wealthy Americans. This means that Chandeliers have always been associated with prestige and wealth and today they will add a sense of class and decadence to any event or occasion that they are used for.

However, it is not just the regal history of chandeliers that helps them to denote prestige, it is also the fact that they are simply beautiful hanging light pieces. They are constructed from cut class crystal pieces that elegantly hang on the arm of each fixture. And is the qualities of these crystals that make the light effect of chandeliers so charming, that is the chandeliers reflect light and break it up into many arrays and it is this that produces a spectacular, colourful and rare shimmering effect.

This lighting effect is both distinctive and distinguished and it is this which communicates that elevated sense of atmosphere and status, that we all know to be prestige.