Celebrity Celebrations Use Chandeliers All The Time

If you are planning a celebrity event such as an awards ceremony or a wedding then you know Chandeliers will be the perfect centre piece to your occasion. Celebrity events are unique in that you are dealing with a select group of individuals who are not just excited about luxury and decadence, they expect it, as it forms the fabric of their every day lives. Chandeliers are the perfect way to welcome celebrities into an evening of awards or entertainment – as you are simply making them feel at home.

There are a range of celebrity events which use chandeliers, for example: Oscar's Night Pre-Award Parties that accompany the main awards ceremony, sporting awards ceremony/balls, celebrity weddings and birthdays and much more. Look below for two examples of world renowned celebrity celebrations that use chandeliers as a centre piece or to mark the occasion.

Grammy Awards

The internationally renowned Grammy Awards is the world's biggest and most prestigious musical awards ceremony, and is attended by the world's most talented and successful musical artists and A-  List stars from the small and big screen. Their are a number of Pre-Grammy awards dinners which occur in the run up to the main event and as you can imagine these are decadent and opulent events which nearly always feature crystal chandeliers in the main dining areas.

Night of 100 stars

This is the most exclusive Oscar's night party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. It is a black tie event which takes place in the hotel's magnificent luxury Crystal Ballroom and there are mainly former Oscar Winners and Nominees in attendance at this sit down party. And of course the main ballroom is illuminated by an array of chandeliers and one glorious grand master chandelier in the middle which is the centre piece of the function.

The Grammys and The Oscars pretty much set the standard for celebrity parties and all other celebrity parties seek to emulate this – and if you want your celebrity function to be as magnificent as it can be you must make chandeliers the centre piece of your event.