How do I know which chandelier is right for my event?

As the experts, we've done the hard yards and worked through and overcome every logistical challenge you can possibly imagine. In this article we want to discuss the sizing of our products and how it can all come together on the day to be the perfect feature to your wedding.

To start:

We have listed a number next to every chandelier from our signature collection. This makes it simple for you to quickly identify the size of a chandelier and request a quote for the chandelier you are interested in.

For example a Cinderella Bronze Chandelier "150" = 150cm wide.

Milan Gold Basket "80" = 80cm wide.

This gives you a great indication of sizing of the chandeliers at first glance.


Can I have X chandelier in Y venue?

To have a temporary chandelier installed for your wedding or event we need to be able to hang from a 'rated' rigging point. As riggers by trade, Chandelier Hire will explain where and where you cannot have a chandelier(s) installed, this will also be coordinated and guided by your floor plan. 

For example allow us to consult you about the perfect chandelier for Leonda by the Yarra, Luminare South Melbourne, Plaza Ballroom, Myer Mural Hall, Sandringham Yacht Club, Carousel Albert Park.

Besides thinking about which chandelier you like, it is important to understand the width and height of a chandelier plays a role in whether that chandelier will work in your venue. 

For each chandelier collection there are usually 2-5 different sizes in the one collection, so it may just mean you need a smaller or larger chandelier to work perfectly in the event space. 

A majority of the time getting our chandeliers in and out of the many Melbourne venues is a seamless easy task. However there are still times when this can prove a little challenging. Some of the more common challenges we can face is getting particularly wide chandeliers though narrow passage ways and corridors. Sometimes this means the chandelier you like may not be possible at that venue or it may mean we need to consider dismantling the chandelier and re-building inside the venue and then dismantling and re-building at our warehouse. Additional fees would apply.


What is the minimum clearance for a chandelier over a dance floor?

Chandelier Hire will set the height of the chandelier(s) onsite during the set up of your event. The minimum clearance over a dance floor is 2.4m, this is the standard height of a residential ceiling. Chandelier Hire will not install chandeliers lower than this requirement, unless being used as a feature over guest tables.

Often it is easy to assume a chandelier will fit in a venue with high ceilings, but as we perform the rigging, we know there's a lot more to it. We will be able to calculate the heights accurately and tell you which chandeliers are viable for your venue.


How do you know what size chandelier should go inside a fresh or silk floral installation?

This is something that can take a lot of consultation between different parties. We ask to be involved with the discussion as to the design as we need to know the dimensions of the floral and structure the florist will be using to hang around/or next to our product. We can where necessary assist florists to achieve the logistics of their ceiling floral and provide structural support to their installation.

To discuss what's available for your venue call 1300 889 220 or email today!