What are the different chandelier sizes and how do I know which one is right for my venue?

There's no way you need to know which chandeliers will fit into your venue, this is something we've done the hard yards to work out. But to get an indication of sizing and how it all comes together with Chandelier Hire, we have listed a number next to every product from our signature collection of chandeliers for hire. This makes it simple for you to identify the size of a chandelier and request a quote for the product you are interested in.

For example a Cinderella Bronze Chandelier "150" = 150cm wide.

Milan Gold Basket "80" = 80cm wide.


To know which chandelier is right for your venue, you will need to get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your options as every venue has different access points. Some venues, while they might have high ceilings have narrow passage ways that require a lot of logistical effort to manoeuvre a chandelier into the space. 



What is the minimum clearance for a chandelier over a dance floor?

The minimum clearance over a dance floor we require for a chandelier must be 2.4m, this is the standard height of a residential ceiling. Chandelier Hire will not install chandeliers lower than this requirement, unless featured over guest tables.


How do you know what size chandelier should go inside a fresh or silk floral installation?

This is something that can take a lot of consultation between different parties. If Chandelier Hire is not providing the fresh or silk ceiling floral, we ask to be involved with the discussions as to the design as we need to know the dimensions of the floral and structure the florist is using to hang around/or next to our product. As qualified advanced riggers, we can where necessary assist florists to achieve the logistics of their ceiling floral and on occasion provide structural support to the florist.

To discuss what's available for your venue call 1300 889 220 or email info@chandelierhire.com.au today!